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So I’ve been doing a bit of eve tourism lately. I re-visited the eve gate and while I was in the region, I went to visit the black monolith too.

It’s in dead end if anyone’s interested. I made an Amarr alt so that it wouldn’t be too far of a travel.

I made an alt just to go sight-seeing. I was in an unarmed rookie ship. Made my way through nullsec with surprising ease. I guess no one thought I was a worthy target, considering I was in an impairor with absolutely no cargo or fitted modules. Well, that was until I met the rats by the black monolith. Oh well…

I seriously have no idea why anyone’s in a carrier in Jita right now…. 

Actually, I have no idea why any carebears are undocking in Jita right now…

I’ve just been floating around for most of today…. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything this big or even experienced TiDi. TiDi was at 30% when I took this screenshot, with about 2200 people in the system. It’s pretty amazing.

No one has so much as looked at me funny yet. There are plenty of rookie ships being exploded, but no one seems bothered by me… oh wells…

More rendering goodness!

I’ve been writing a HLSL shader for fur and grass, and this is the result so far. It uses shells and fins and can work for any model.

It actually works really well to create realistic-looking grass. However, there are significant performance issues when I try to have any reasonable sized amount of grass. Oh well.

I’d like to improve the shader to include proper self-shadowing, as opposed to the hack I have in at the moment. It would also be nice to get Kajiya-Kay working properly.

So, I got a bit bored today, and decided I’d go see the Eve gate.

I had made an alt just for the lulz. I hadn’t trained anything. In fact, I hadn’t even started the tutorial.

Regardless, I got in my ship. First I went to Jita. I had never been, and I figured it was worth a poke around. I honestly didn’t believe that local is Jita was as bad as it is. Dear Lord!

Anyway, after that I headed off to the Eve gate. 

As you can see, my ship wasn’t really fitted at all. And I didn’t think to bring a can. Oh well. 

I actually auto-piloted a lot of the journey. It was 28 jumps from Jita, and I had better things to be doing than clicking on gates. Now, I realise that it’s REALLY stupid to auto-pilot through low-sec, but I really didn’t care if I got asploded. That, in itself, would have been entertaining enough.

I turned auto-pilot off for the last 3 jumps. I didn’t want to get that far just to be blown up because I was too lazy. However, there was no one around. It was completely dead.

I’ll probably go back at some stage. Just to leave a can there. 

Robocode: A fun way to learn java.



Hi, guys. :D
I just found an interesting simulation program IBM made. It’s a free simulator that teaches you how to program a robot and simulate it to battle robots made by other people!

Here’s the link:

Learning to code with fun…

Those screenshots are really, really old.  Better to go straight to the sourceforge site:

There’s also a wiki to help newbie robocoders find their feet:

It now supports eclipse and netbeans integration too, by the way, there are articles on the wiki about it; it’s much easier to use eclipse/netbeans than their built-in “IDE”.

But yeah, this thing is awesome.  Bloody difficult to get anything worthwhile to happen though, so probably not as great an introduction to Java as it first seems.  Mind you, I am the sort of person who always starts on “hard mode” and therefore I wrote my first AdvancedRobot before I’d touched the BasicRobot class (still haven’t touched that class) - I eventually got it Wave Surfing and Pattern Matching but my implementations of those were so terrible that it was hardly worth it.

Anyway, if anyone has any questions for an intermediate robocoder, my ask is always open :)

Worth noting that there’s also a .NET plugin if you prefer C#/Visual Studio! There’s also lots of tutorials and Wikis on Robocode! Source is also available. I’d recommend it to anyone starting programming!

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